The 7 Dimensions of a Project to Product Transformation

Shifting IT to a product operating model has never been more critical to bridging the crippling divide between technology and the business. In 2019, 55% of organizations surveyed by Gartner said they are moving from project to product as a way to continuously integrate and deliver new features and capabilities to the business.


Three years (and one global pandemic) later, many more organizations have begun the shift in the hopes of delivering more value faster. If you are among them, you may be wondering how advanced you are in operationalizing this new model and reaping its benefits. The shift is a complex, multi-year effort that involves pervasive changes to people, process and technology across seven dimensions. So how can you ensure your transformation is moving in the right direction?


During this on-demand webinar, Naomi Lurie, Tasktop VP, Product Marketing, and Carmen DeArdo, Senior Director, VSM R&D, walk through the five stages of project to product maturity and outline the steps needed to advance to each stage across all seven dimensions.


Attendees will learn:

  • How to assess the current state of your organization
  • The five stages of project-to-product maturity and how to advance
  • What ultimate maturity looks like
  • How to make the case for the shift if you’re just starting out or losing momentum


Naomi Lurie

VP, Product Marketing


Carmen DeArdo

Sr. Director, VSM R&D


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