2020 elevated IT into the spotlight, opening up a window of unprecedented support for accelerating digital innovation and emerging technologies. But even with increased buy-in for investment and adoption, will anything be different this year?

Without the ability to measure and place value on specific transformation initiatives, many organizations are still shooting in the dark, either working on new features without aligning to business strategy, or putting them on the back-burner to concentrate on things that are easier to cross off a list.

During this on-demand webinar, Tasktop Sr. Flow Advisor, Paninya Masrangsan, provides actionable insights on how to prove your transformation ROI with value stream management.


  • The immediate actions you can take to measure against business goals
  • What steps will improve the flow of end-to-end value
  • How you can optimize your 2021 IT strategy for maximum business results


Meet The Speaker

Paninya Masrangsan

Paninya is a Senior Flow Advisor at Tasktop. Her specialty is in process optimization practices. Her experience spans from implementing Lean and Six Sigma practices in manufacturing and hospital settings to leading Agile transformations within Fortune 500 enterprises. She is a big believer in fostering an environment where talented teams can excel and do their best work.

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