Overcoming the Messy Matrix for Platform Teams

Duration: 1 hour

IT organizations across all sectors are all under considerable executive pressure to pivot toward product-centricity (call it digital, Agile or DevOps transformation). More than one leader has likened it to “changing the aircraft engine while in flight.” Vertical reporting structures of developers, testers, project managers have been seen to create functional siloes, yet horizontal structures, aligning reporting to project teams or product groups has still resulted in local optimizations.


The Spotify organizational model of a matrix organization isn’t a universal answer, and the popular Team Topologies-driven concept of platform teams encounters some immediate problems: product managers may not have engineering depth, while engineering-led platform teams too often lapse back into ticket-taking, functional silo behavior.


So how do we overcome the messy matrix for platform teams? During this on-demand webinar, guest speaker Forrester Principal Analyst, Charles Betz, and Tasktop CEO, Dr. Mik Kersten, will take you through:

  • Why the product-centric promise of greater team autonomy, empowerment and faster value delivery is by no means complete for most large, traditional IT organizations
  • An operating model that works, including case studies
  • How large IT organizations can lead their own change from project to product value streams


Charles Betz

Principal Analyst


Guest Speaker

Dr. Mik Kersten

Founder and CEO


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