Lean Into VSM: How to Remove Delivery Constraints with Value Stream Management

Duration: 1 hour

Value Stream Management (VSM) solutions are gaining momentum as more and more enterprises seek to apply Lean-based principles to their digital transformations.


Key to the origins of Lean is the practice of making work flow by continuously identifying and removing inefficiencies (known as waste) in the end-to-end set of activities that provide value for customers, the value stream. The three types of waste that constrain flow are known as Muri (overburdening the process), Mura (unevenness in the process), and Muda (non-value added activity in the process). 

During this on-demand webinar, Planview (formerly Tasktop) Principal Flow Advisor, Chris Gallivan and Senior Value Stream Architect, Lee Reid show you how to see, understand, and introduce countermeasures to waste in your value streams by:

  • Pinpointing bottlenecks and learning to see waste
  • Identifying when teams of teams are overburdened
  • Understanding true capacity of the value stream teams
  • Avoiding overproduction and matching resources to demand
  • Targeting experiments and measuring improvement results


Chris Gallivan

Principal Flow Advisor

(Formerly Tasktop)

Lee Reid

Senior Value Stream Architect

(Formerly Tasktop)

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