How to Use Flow Metrics in the SAFe® Cadence

Learn how Flow Metrics can measure and communicate the impact of your SAFe implementation in this e-book.


The Scaled Agile Framework®, or SAFe, is one of the most popular systems for achieving agility at an enterprise scale. Yet many organizations who implement SAFe don't see a return on their investment. What they need in addition to SAFe's prescribed cadence and roles, is a mechanism for making informed, data-driven decisions.

The latest version of SAFe recommends using Flow Metrics to measure value delivery and foster continuous improvement. This e-book is the ultimate guide to using Flow Metrics in the SAFe cadence.


Download this e-book to learn:

  • What the Flow Metrics are
  • How to use and interpret Flow Metrics
  • Practical ways to use Flow Metrics in every stage of SAFe’s Program Increment (PI) cadence, including PI Planning, ART Sync, and PI Retrospective meetings

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