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How to Integrate Multiple Jira Instances to Improve Collaboration, Visibility, and Reporting

There is no denying that Jira has taken over the developer space. Most developers only want to use Jira, and many organizations are taking advantage of the flexibility of Jira by making it their single source of truth for all software delivery teams.

If Jira is your single source of truth, it’s easy to believe you don’t need to connect to the rest of your value stream. But what about when you have multiple Jira instances across Jira, Jira Cloud and Data Center? The truth is, in order to ensure cross-team visibility, traceability and overarching reporting, you don’t need to look past Jira for the need to integrate.

In this on-demand webinar with Senior Value Stream Architect, Mara Puisite, you'll learn why you need to integrate your Jira instances to:
  • Increase collaboration and reduce informal handovers
  • Automate information flow to enable traceability across multiple Jira system
  • Seamlessly accommodate organization change (mergers, acquisitions, reorgs), minimizing team disruptions
  • Centralize fragmented data in a reporting database to identify bottlenecks


Mara Puisite
Senior Value Stream Architect, Tasktop

Prior to becoming a Senior Value Stream Architect at Tasktop, Mara Puisite was a Product Manager running Tasktop’s integration connector program of 50+ integrations. Using this experience, Mara now helps organizations connect and visualize their end-to-end value stream to identify bottlenecks in their software development and delivery process. Using this information, she provides organizations with solutions to streamline their software delivery capabilities through the power of value stream management.