How Technology Teams Can Thrive with Flow-Based OKRs 

Discover recommendations for business and technology leaders who want to adopt OKRs as part of their digital transformation strategy in this e-book.

“Adopting OKRs is never the goal. The goal is to improve performance by changing how you work. So if you're not changing how you work, you're missing the point.”

Felipe Castro, OKR Coach, Speaker and Author on the Mik + One Podcast

In a 2020 article, Harvard Business Review called OKRs one of the “most popular frameworks for teams looking to plan and measure the success of their work.” And while their popularity remains unchallenged, many traditional enterprises experience challenges when they try to translate their strategic high-level objectives into key results for technology teams.


This e-book will offer some context for business and technology leaders who want to implement OKRs as part of their digital transformation strategy. Through the topics listed below, it will cover the full spectrum, beginning with an introduction and concluding with practical advice for rolling out this framework. 

  • OKRs: An Introduction
  • OKRs > Renamed KPIs?
  • Changing How We Work
  • Toolkit: OKRs + Value Stream Management
  • Practical Advice for Effective OKRs
  • Conclusion 

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Learn how combining OKRs with value stream management and Flow Metrics can provide leaders the toolkit they need to facilitate their digital transformations. 

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