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To remain relevant amid increasing market disruption, organizations have no choice but to compress their software delivery timelines to deliver features customers want, faster.

Frequently, tactical decisions are made to add people, invest in more tools, and increase the amount of work in teams’ backlogs without achieving the desired results. Agile transformations introduce methodologies and frameworks without the appropriate support mechanisms for success. To enable high performance and inform strategic decisions, organizations need a new foundation. 

During this on-demand webinar, Tasktop Flow Framework Engagement Manager, Kristen Biddulph, presents how Flow Metrics provide that foundation, irrespective of methodology or framework, by surfacing end-to-end data on an organization’s flow of work, providing insights that will help them meet their goals. 

Find out:

  • What Flow Metrics are and how they fit into the Flow Framework™
  • How Flow Metrics identify constraints and opportunities for improvements
  • How Flow Metrics improve cross-organizational decision making for better business results


Kristen Biddulph
Flow Framework™ Engagement Manager, Tasktop
Kristen is the Flow Framework™ Engagement Manager at Tasktop. She has led software delivery teams over the last six years through end-to-end agile transformations coaching teams to coalesce cross-functionally while orienting around a product. Her current focus is on providing solutions to enable organizations' high performance by surfacing flow metrics on their product-centric journeys. Kristen's passions include achieving the impossible, exploring new frontiers, and food.