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Cubic Corporation is a technology-driven, market-leading solutions provider that has been innovating in the public transportation and defense industry for nearly seven decades – having revolutionized elevators, global positioning, public transit fare payments and military training. With a strong foundation of software delivery through solutions such as the “Top Gun” air combat training system as well as the fare payment systems for public transportation platforms in many US and European cities, Cubic set out on a journey to double down on software innovation. A key to that transformation was shifting to a product mindset to accelerate delivery through its highly complex value streams.

During this webinar, Tasktop CEO and founder, Dr. Mik Kersten interviews Jim Colson, CTO of Cubic Corporation on how their transformation is unfolding and lessons learned along the way. We cover Cubic’s use of the Flow Framework®, SAFe® and other industry standards and view some of the flow diagnostics identified by Tasktop Viz, where Cubic was able to accelerate the pace and velocity of delivery.


Jim Colson
VP and CTO
Cubic Corporation
Dr. Mik Kersten
Founder and CEO