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Until recently, manual traceability has held back large organizations from becoming software innovators. Now, enterprise toolchain integration is greatly helping organizations across heavily-regulated industries, such as healthcare, automobile, finance and government, to automate the sophisticated flow of work from ideation to operation. By connecting the toolchain that underpins your software delivery value streams and automating the flow of data between teams in real-time, you can systematically build out your end-to-end traceability. The key is to start small, score quick wins, and expand only once the workflow is visible and traceable, dramatically reducing time and effort.

This on-demand panel features traceability success stories from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and AA Projekts and Q&A on all things end-to-end software traceability.


Eric Knutson
Build Engineer
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Mara Puisite
Principal Value Stream Architect
Carmen DeArdo
Principal Flow Advisor
Kārlis Broders
AA Projekts
David Slater
Engineering Operations Manager