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“We need to get everyone on the same page”
“We need to be able to talk the same language”
“We need to do things the same way”

These are the arguments frequently heard to justify the need for Lean-Agile centers of excellence and methodologies. While consistency is necessary, are we conflating conformity with consistency?

The benefits of adopting Lean and Agile practices are based on creating an environment that facilitates learning and flexibility. Yet by enforcing one specific methodology or tool across teams, organizations hinder their ability to deliver customer value.

In this webinar, Steve Adolph, addresses the challenges organizations face when adopting Lean and Agile methodologies and presents a three-element model that enables organizations to create a consistent and flexible culture that motivates practitioners to embrace change for faster delivery of business value.

Agile Consistency vs Flexibility

Creating a culture of change

Steve Adolph
Enterprise Agile Coach, cPrime
Steve is sometimes Yet Another Agile Coach, at other times, an entrepreneur, and a management consultant. Steve has been creating and managing software development projects long enough to remember Fortran and PDP-11s. His professional career ranges over many exciting and critical projects including designing call processing software for digital telephone exchanges, design and development of leading edge network management systems, railway signaling, and telecom billing. He has diverse experience over many different job roles from developer to chief engineer, to CTO, across many different industries, from telecommunications to graphic arts.