An Agile Coach Guide:

Leading Change Without Formal Authority


Learn the five skills needed to influence decision-makers and how to drive successful change once you've gotten the green light in this two-part guide.

“Issues that had gone years unaddressed without data get immediate attention once the impact is presented using real, live data."

Danny Presten, Strategic Transformation Advisor, Tasktop

Having worked with agile coaches for more than a decade, Tasktop Strategic Transformation Advisor, Danny Presten, noticed a disheartening pattern. Agile coaches were typically asked to influence and lead change in areas they didn’t directly control.


Frequently, there would be a leader in the organization with a legacy process that inadvertently blocked the agile transformation. Coaches felt stuck, unable to influence the leader and bring more mature agile processes to that part of the organization. Over time they would often experience intense frustration and burnout and eventually stop trying or settle for the status quo.


In this two-part guide, Danny teaches the fundamentals of leading change without formal authority. Part One walks through five invaluable skills to influence decision-makers and get leadership buy-in. Part Two explains how to drive successful change once you’ve got the coveted green lights.

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