Why Agile Fails. *Hint* - It's More than just Process

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Presented by Zubin IraniCEO, cPrime & Scot Garrison, Director of Professional Services, Tasktop

A successful Agile transformation requires a combination of people, process and technology, but too often these aspects are treated separately. Agile Coaches insist on remaining tool agnostic, and the agile management software experts often do not know the Agile process. Organizations with successful Agile teams often fail to replicate this success when they attempt to scale these practices throughout the software delivery organization.

To succeed in transforming to Agile, organizations must replace this fragmented approach with one that connects the entire application lifecycle with tools that are tightly integrated and automated to support processes. Join us as we demonstrate how this unified approach allows companies to

  • speed delivery through real-time collaboration
  • increase visibility of project status and compliance with cross tool traceability and reporting
  • encourage the use of specialized tools that support practitioners’ process.