The emergence of Value Stream Management (VSM) as a concept applicable to IT signals a change for traditional enterprises in a tech-driven world. Finally, organizations have a digital practice available that is focused on the optimization of business value.

By combining the people, processes, and technologies that map, optimize, visualize and control how value flows across software delivery pipeline, these organizations now have an opportunity to level the digital playing field. At the same time, all this talk of value streams and Value Stream Mapping - also acronymized as VSM - is causing some confusion. While the two “VSMs” are different concepts, they are not mutually exclusive.

This e-book explains:

  • What Value Stream Mapping in software delivery is
  • Customer example of Value Stream Mapping in action
  • What Value Stream Management in software delivery is
  • Customer example of Value Stream Management in action
  • Common benefits of the two "VSMs"
  • Key differences between the concepts
  • How Value Stream Mapping and Value Stream Management complement each other
  • Get started by visualizing how work flows across the value stream

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