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Modern enterprises increasingly rely on software to keep the lights on and lay the foundations for long-term sustainable growth. Among many things, IT leaders are tasked with accelerating the time to value of their software delivery value streams.

But when asked, “Do you know what is slowing your software delivery teams down?”, why do IT leaders typically not know the answer?

Methodologies such as Agile and DevOps have been adopted to accelerate the time between build to deploy, yet the benefits are often only felt at a localized level (more sprints completed, higher number of deployments etc.) without a tangible link to business outcomes. Enter Value Stream Architecture.

During this webinar, Senior Value Stream Architect, Dan Feminella, presents:

  • The business case for Value Stream Architecture
  • Why your organization needs it in order to scale Agile and DevOps
  • How to architect for end-to-end flow of business value from customer request to delivery and back through the customer feedback loop


Dan Feminella
Senior Value Stream Architect, Tasktop
Dan Feminella is a Senior Value Stream Architect at Tasktop. He has 20+ years of diverse technical experience ranging from designing and implementing Business Process Integration (BPI/BPM) middleware solutions, ITSM solutions, IT Asset Management (ITAM), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions, Release Management solutions and DevOps solutions. At Tasktop, Dan helps companies in a wide variety of industries bridge the gap between technologists and the business through the power of value stream management.