Measuring Your SAFe® Transformation with Flow Metrics

If your organization has invested in SAFe® to generate more business value through software, you should be able to clearly see that you’re delivering more value for the business every Program Increment (PI) and responding to customer demands faster. 

If you’re not seeing the results you were expecting and you can’t quantify the impact of SAFe (or any other IT investments) through existing solutions, The Flow Framework® can help ensure you're moving in the right direction, providing real-time insights into the relationship between technology delivery and business outcomes.

In this e-book, discover:

  • How the Flow Framework® helps establish a baseline to see where you are in your SAFe journey today and where you need to go to improve revenues, time-to-market, customer retention and more.
  • How to model your value streams for flow to generate a set of business-level metrics to identify what's slowing you down and where you need to optimize to improve end-to-end flow.
  • How the Flow Framework provides a common language that both IT and business leadership can understand to make key decisions to improve business outcomes.
  • How leading organizations across telecommunications, healthcare and investment are using Tasktop Viz™ to generate instant insights with Flow Metrics to boost business agility and customer responsiveness.
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