How a Top Retailer Brought Together UX Design and Agile Development (and got it right!)

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During this webinar, Doug Brown, former VP Senior User Experience Designer at JPMorgan Chase and Manager of UI Engineering for eCommerce at DSW, discuss' how he’s using and integrating best of breed tools to bring together requirements, Lean UX design, and the Agile development processes.

Using real-world examples, Doug shows how he has dramatically improved both the design and development phases of his projects while cutting time and costs. This includes lessons learned along the way, roadblocks he encountered, and the bottom-line impact he’s seen first-hand. Topics that will be covered include:

  • A visual approach to progressively defining UX
  • How to integrate rapid prototyping effectively
  • The Agile UX workflow
  • How Doug brings together Lean UX and Agile Development (and the impact it's had)
  • Workflow: How and why the Tasktop integration of iRise and JIRA worked