Software development as it should be - rediscover your passion for building great products

Instead of reveling in their passion for building great products, developers find themselves too often wasting countless hours on non-value adding work.

Countless meetings, logging in and out of tools to copy/paste information, rummaging through emails and chat threads, filling in time sheets -- everything but coding. Meanwhile the business and their management are on their backs; "Faster! Betters! More!"

Such a high pressure environment is a surefire way to kill your passion, turning your dream into a nightmare. It shouldn't be like this, nor does it have to.

This e-book looks into:

  • What's slowing down developers and causing demotivation and burnout
  • Addressing the ratio of doing value-adding work to non-value
  • The pain of a broken knowledge sharing network
  • How a connected Value Stream Network address main issues undermining the professional and personal well-being of developers

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