Sharpen Your Competitive Edge With Value Stream Integration

Competitive advantage in a digital world hinges on how fast you can deliver the right software products to internal and external customers. By “right software”, we simply mean a product (or set of features) that delivers value to a customer’s business. Cross-team collaboration in real-time is critical in optimizing this time to value.

Yet unless the best-of-breed tools used to plan, build and deliver software at scale are integrated, effective cross-team collaboration won’t be possible. This white paper provides a simple introduction to:

  • The importance of software delivery to competitive advantage
  • Why there’s no one tool to rule them all
  • How a best-of-breed strategy is key
  • The issues a fragmented toolchain causes
  •  How this fragmentation blunts competitive edge
  • How Value Stream Integration underpins an effective software delivery value stream

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