A Pragmatic Approach to Scaling Agile in the Enterprise

A Pragmatic Approach to Scaling Agile in the Enterprise

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Scott Ambler, Senior Consulting Partner, Scott Ambler + Associates

Dave West, Chief Product Officer, Tasktop

Agile development has become the norm for building software, with the majority of software delivery teams using some form of Agile development. But the same cannot be said for the enterprises they work for. The reality is that while development teams are embracing Agile methodologies, the software delivery organizations they are part of tend to be the very opposite of Agile.

The truth for large software delivery organizations is often “water-scrum-fall” with Agile teams following a different process and different philosophy from the rest of the organization. But is this a bad thing? Does the entire IT organization need to be Agile to deliver the benefits of Agile development, or do hybrid strategies actually work? Can organizations adopt a DevOps mindset in a hybrid environment? Can agile teams work in a sufficiently disciplined manner so that managers will finally choose to fully embrace Agile?

In this talk, Scott Ambler, author and Agile guru, and Dave West, Chief Product Officer at Tasktop, discuss the reality of Agile development at scale. Join them for practical advice on how organizations can better shape processes to deliver the benefits of Agile while managing the reality of large scale software delivery.