SAFe & Requirements Management:
Oxymoron or Practical Reality?

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Presented by Nicole Bryan, VP of Product Management

Summer is here, and we can't think of a better way to kick off the season than by diving into the practicalities around implementing SAFe with requirements management.

In many industries, there is a practical reality that mandates some successful marriage between true requirements management and Agile.

This webinar examines the following three areas and provide guidance to aid in your implementation of SAFe with requirements management.

  • First, what is your motivation for deciding to do more sophisticated requirements management? Is it purely for compliance or auditability reasons? Or is reusability a big driver?
  • Second, what other, non-requirements management tools will be involved in the extended flow necessary to accomplish your final goal? And what role will these tools play?
  • Finally, what specific information will be needed by the tools and for what reason?