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The project to product movement is quickly gathering speed - a recent Gartner report found that 85% of respondents are shifting to a product-centric mentality. However, the complexity and uncertainty of software delivery at scale, coupled with the sheer number of people involved in the process, is too much for traditional project management techniques. Motivation is not enough to achieve a successful transformation—the product-centric model requires new skill sets, different investments and a change in culture.

What does the shift away from project-thinking really look like?

During this webinar, Tasktop VP of Product Development, Nicole Bryan, combines our own journey with the experience of working with our enterprise customers, to paint a clear picture of the cross-organizational challenges in store - and how you can address them by:

  • Adopting a “customer-first” mindset
  • Appointing a Product Value Stream Lead and a Product Manager
  • Implementing the Flow Framework™ to align the language of IT with the language of the business


Nicole Bryan
Vice President of Product Development, Tasktop
Nicole Bryan is the Vice President of Product Development at Tasktop Technologies. Nicole has more than 18 years of experience in software and product development, focused primarily on bringing data visualization/infographics and human factors considerations to the forefront of DevOps and Agile. Most recently, she served as director of product management at Borland Software/Micro Focus, where she was responsible for creating a new Agile development management tool. Prior to Borland, she worked for the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Regulatory Division, where she managed some of the first Agile project teams at the NYSE.