Requesting a Product Evaluation

With over 100 collective person-years and over half a million tests per day driving our integration specification, Tasktop offers a premium product & customer experience that is unparalleled - and our Evaluation process will prove it.

  1. Scheduling a Call  - Filling out the form will ensure we connect you with the dedicated expert best suited to meet your needs.
  2. Outlining Your Needs - In order for us to help you effectively evaluate Tasktop, it is important that we understand what success means to you, the admins, the end users and the sponsors during the evaluation.  A discovery call will be setup to help us outline the success criteria.
  3. Evaluating the Product - The Tasktop Evaluation is designed to be a collaborative process that provides technical validation of our solution in your environment.  In addition to technical validation, you’ll be working with our expert solution architects, get access to our online instructor-led training, and get a glimpse into the innovation that separates Tasktop.

The Evaluation is not intended to be a fully configured production deployment; rather, this is an opportunity to see how Tasktop will positively impact your software Value Stream.

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