Integration Patterns: Architecting your value stream for speed and quality

Many of the Fortune 100 are architecting their software delivery value stream around flow to reduce the time to value of their software products. 

You can do this by incrementally and strategically connecting the teams, tools and processes in your Value Stream Network from end-to-end. 

Through a series of integration patterns, you can automate the flow of product-critical information from ideation to operation (and back through the customer feedback loop), making your workflow visible, traceable, and measurable. 

With a free-flowing knowledge sharing network that updates the teams and tools in real-time, you can seamlessly scale your Agile, SAFe and DevOps transformations, continuously improve your product and services, and drastically extract more business value from your software. 

In this e-book, you will learn:

  • Why the software delivery process is an informal fragmented process
  • How no/poor visibility impacts ability to identify bottlenecks
  • What a typical product journey looks like
  • How the process can be made visible through a series of integration patterns
  • Benefits of integration patterns
  • Overview of the common types of integration patterns
  • How Tasktop helps to stitch these integration patterns together
  • How to get started and begin measuring for flow

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