How the U.S. Federal Government can Accelerate IT Modernization in a Digital-First World

As the digital-first world further intensifies the urgent need for faster IT modernization across government to support missions, agencies and the public, IT and program leaders must find a better way to manage their software development. Much like the private sector, accelerating adaptive response is critical to supporting key government programs, especially related to the pressing needs of citizens through the pandemic-induced Novel Economy. While obstacles as old as time itself — legacy infrastructure and approaches (such as waterfall), organizational and political complexity, compliance, security considerations, funding and risk aversion persist — there is hope through federal success stories and data-driven Value Stream Management (VSM).

This white paper looks at:
  • Key challenges federal departments and agencies are facing with their software delivery
  • The role of flow in driving real agility and adaptive response
  • How Value Stream Management and value stream metrics can help automate, measure and analyze flow to support a continuous improvement
  • The role of automated traceability in supporting safe and secure software development and delivery
  • How learning to see, improve and scale through data-driven value stream management can guide your journey to parity with the digital-first world

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