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Global leaders from all major industries, especially automotive, require many different teams, departments, and suppliers to develop software products at scale. Not only is there a dizzying combination of companies working on any given project at the same time, but also a complicated mix of toolchains and infrastructures that inhibit effective collaboration.

Combined with stringent compliance standards, and Agile and DevOps methodologies, organizations must reimagine their software value stream to create a unified, modular supply chain that can overcome these mounting challenges.

In this on-demand webinar, Trevor Bruner, Product Manager at Tasktop and Adam Somorjai, Pre-sales Consultant at Intland Software, explain how your organization can boost collaboration between teams, minimize budget and time waste, and ensure fast delivery of high quality software by:

  • Synchronizing system critical data between systems while retaining relationship and context information
  • Unifying a multi-tier development scenario using a single central management platform
  • Ensuring compliance with ISO 26262 using codeBeamer ALM’s preconfigured automotive template


Trevor Bruner
Product Manager, Tasktop
Trevor Bruner is a Product Manager at Tasktop. His varied background ranging from financial services, oil and gas, to US Navy submarine officer has helped him manage all the responsibilities inherent in building a valuable product. At Tasktop, he’s enjoyed the opportunity to teach customers about the vast capabilities of Tasktop’s products.

Adam Somorjai
Pre-sales Consultant, Intland Software
With an education in Business IT & Business Development, and several years of experience working with enterprise software solutions, Adam has the expertise to understand and respond to complex customer needs. He has helped implement technology and adopt best practices at global companies. As Intland Software's Senior Pre-sales Consultant, he is helping global enterprises develop better products faster.

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