How the PMO can use Value Stream Management (VSM) to Accelerate Software Innovation

The Project Management Office (PMO) is well equipped to steer its organization through the Age of Software. The global pandemic accelerated the titanic shifts to global business already brought about by the digital-first world. The PMO can propel the enterprise forward by using the diverse skill set and deep knowledge of both business and IT to ensure that their organization thrives using data-driven value stream management (VSM).

Download to learn:

  • Why there is a golden opportunity for PMOs to use data-driven VSM to help leadership with strategy, optimize WIP for teams and rebalance their own workload
  • How the rise and popularity of the project to product movement is driven by the need for a different approach to digital assets
  • How to define product value streams aligned to business outcomes
  • How to balance work intake and distribution of value-creating and protecting software delivery work
  • How to begin your data-driven VSM journey

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