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IT within large enterprises can span vast and complex business portfolios, with numerous external and internal-facing products and their domains. The delivery and maintenance of these products is supported by a network of tools, teams, technologies and processes, all with their own unique variants. The primary goal of the shift to a product-oriented model is to increase business agility and to satisfy the diverse and ever-changing needs of the customer. Organizations must react quickly to customer needs to accelerate the flow of business value from ideation to operation. However, the way the work is traced and measured is slowing down the time to value.

This lack of visibility makes it impossible to know if value is accelerating, time-to-value is getting shorter, waste is decreasing, value work is prioritized and whether demand is outweighing capacity. By automating and visualizing the flow of work and abstracting the end-to-end data across the toolchain underpinning your product value streams, you can get an MRI of your product’s health to help answer those questions and take informed action before it’s too late.

During this on-demand webinar, Tasktop Senior Flow Advisor, Laksh Ranganathan, presents how the Flow Framework™ and Flow Metrics can help organizations make work within product value streams visible and create a data-driven blueprint for scaled success across a portfolio of products.


Laksh Ranganathan
Senior Flow Advisor, Tasktop
A career technologist, with over 18 years in IT spanning across engineering, project & product management and consulting, Laksh Ranganathan, is passionate about a data driven approach to product management and leveraging data to make customer-centric products. At Tasktop, Laksh works as a Senior Value Stream Consultant & Flow Advisor coaching customers on value stream management, value stream integrations and specifically on Flow FrameworkTM. More recently she has been helping large organizations take their first steps from a project to product transformation. You can connect with her on social media at /lakshranganathan and @lrangan.