Getting Insight into Flow with Tasktop Flow Metrics

In Enterprise IT, data is scattered across many specialized tools used by the software delivery practitioners to plan, build and deliver software. Through integration, Tasktop enables organizations to generate insight into how fast they’re going and where work is slowing down. Tasktop connects the tools that house the data of your end-to-end value streams, capturing and modeling the digital footprints of the actual work.

Utilizing its Enterprise Data Stream integration style, Tasktop traces flow across all your teams, tools and processes. It relates all the individual bits of work into a measurable stream of activity.

The resulting Flow Metrics measure software delivery performance per value stream, in abstracted terms that IT and business leaders can relate to and that can be easily correlated to business outcomes.

In this e-book discover:
  • How Value Stream Integration accelerates and optimizes flow of value from software
  • How value acceleration demands true end-to-end reporting
  • How models standardize value for IT and business to bridge the gap
  • Introduction to the four Flow Items, the core type of value pulled by the customer
  • Introduction to Flow Metrics to improve data-driven decision making
  • How to get started with Flow Metrics
  • How Tasktop can help you on your Flow journey
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