Flow Framework Partner Program
Many organizations have recognized that Agile and DevOps are not enough and are looking to Value Stream Management to enhance the results of their IT transformations. The shift from a project to a product-oriented paradigm has begun and your clients are now looking to the optimize end-to-end flow of value.

Tasktop hosts the Flow Framework Partner Program and we’re here to help connect your customers' value stream network.

What is Tasktop’s new Flow Framework Partner Program?

A program to provide our partner consultancies and training organizations with an opportunity to augment and expand their Scaled Agile and DevOps practices.

This program helps differentiate our partners from other consultants by offering their customers accelerated implementation of the Flow Framework - a prescriptive managerial framework to yield end-to-end business results.

Become a member of Tasktop’s Flow Framework Partner Program to:
  • Help your customers increase their business value by adopting Tasktop’s Flow Framework.
  • Enable customers to join the age of software and take advantage of successes enjoyed by tech giants and digital startups.
  • Get access to training and content for Flow Framework consulting services delivery.
  • Join the partner community discussion about Flow Framework training and implementations.
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