How An Integrated Approach To Software Delivery Enables Traceability Through The Value Stream

Traditional enterprises are finally prioritizing software delivery to combat digital disruption. Unfortunately, it's now even harder to track all the work required to deliver these products. Gaining traceability in the software delivery process is becoming more difficult.

For many organizations, and especially those in highly regulated industries, like Finance, Federal Government, and Insurance, the question "how do you optimize your software delivery while remaining compliant?" looms heavily over their heads. Although the answer to this may seem like a daunting task of introducing new tools, people, and processes, change in the digital world is a necessity. That's why a new modern approach to traceability must be adopted.

This e-book provides:

  • An overview of what traceability in software delivery is
  • Why we need a new approach to traceability
  • How your product journey will transform when your teams are integrated and you have end-to-end visibility
  • A glimpse at a new approach to traceability with Value Stream Integration

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