Don't Let Process Hold You Back

Best Practices for Cross-Functional Collaboration

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Creating great software takes many skilled people. There’s business requirements to fulfill, technical requirements to consider, development, testing, packaging, and the release.

While having a single cohesive process is crucial to helping all these teams work together, they’re often working in disparate systems with their own processes and workflows. What’s more, these teams are often spread across different departments, buildings and even time zones.

How can you ensure your teams stay in sync and create better processes that allow individual teams to move fast and be agile, while maintaining effective cross-team collaboration? Watch this on-demand webinar from Tasktop and GitLab, to learn why establishing a ‘single source of truth’ is critical to functional collaboration, and discover the best practices for:

  • Building processes that yield better results
  • Keeping cross-functional teams in sync
  • Integrating tools for better workflows