Why DDP is the ultimate Quality Assurance metric

As a Software Quality Assurance Leader or Testing Manager, there’s an important metric to focus on to help you glean invaluable performance insights from the data that flows across your software delivery value stream: Defect Detection Percentage (DDP).

Unfortunately, most QA Managers don’t track DDP in their metrics dashboards because the creation of this metric involves multiple data points from multiple systems. That’s why leading forward-thinking QA leaders and Testing Managers are gravitating towards Value Stream Integration. By connecting all data points, they can obtain real time insights into the QA process to continuously improve its performance and impact on the business.

This e-book provides:

  • An overview of what DDP is and why it's an important metric for QA Leaders
  • How to collect data to calculate DDP
  • Explains what Value Stream Integration is and how it can help streamline the DDP calculation process
  • 2 free tear sheets that will help you measure and monitor DDP

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