Break Through Agile Transformation Stagnation

You Had Initial Success, Now What?

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Presented by: Al Shalloway, CEO, Net Objectives and Betty Zakheim, VP of Industry Strategy, Tasktop

Transformation to Agile at scale typically takes 1-3 years. There is a pattern of adoption that most companies go through that achieves initial gains, but tends to stagnate after the initial improvement. Many companies find that true value delivery has not significantly increased. Merely adopting Agile at the team level or force-fitting a framework on top of an organization will not get you there. A mindset shift that ties business strategy all the way down to the team level is required.

Some clues that you are susceptible to this stagnation are:

  • Your teams are working on multiple epics simultaneously
  • Outsized epics are causing features to be larger than they should be
  • Teams with dependencies are not collaborating enough, resulting in high integration costs

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • The challenges are causing this stagnation
  • Why these challenges are so prevalent after an initial Agile adoption
  • What must be done to solve them
  • We’ll describe a combination of a holistic mindset with practices on value identification and decomposition that aligns teams across the software delivery value stream while providing insights into how to better form trains so they can collaborate more effectively.
  • We’ll show how Value Stream Integration provides the necessary support to enable agile at scale.