Beyond CI/CD: why you need Value Stream Integration alongside Application Release Automation

All organizations are looking to accelerate their software delivery to provide greater digital experiences for internal and external customers for better operational efficiency, innovative products and services.  Application Release Automation (ARA) tools play a crucial role in speeding up the ’release and deploy” phase of the process, eliminating the bottleneck between code commit and deploy.

ARA tools, however, don’t necessarily improve total end-to-end lead time as bottlenecks, latencies and dependencies occur further upstream. Unless ARA tools are connected with all tools in the software delivery process, there’s no end-to-end visibility to ascertain where these upstream performance issues are. What organizations need is a fully automated end-to-end flow of work to accelerate everything from customer request to ideation and back.

This e-book provides:

  • An overview of what Release Automation is and how it speeds up the the software delivery process
  • Highlights why all stages from customer request to operation matter
  • Expands on why an end-to-end view is needed to catch the “shifting bottleneck”
  • Elaborates on how Value Stream Integration helps organizations to manage the process from end-to-end
  • Explains how VSI enhances release automation activities

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