Are you drowning Jira and the rest of your value stream?

Having ‘one tool to rule them all’ is naturally appealing in terms of perceived simplicity and cost benefits. The idea, however, is inherently flawed. History speaks for itself; any tool that has attempted to be ‘everything for everyone’ has failed miserably. There’s just too many nuances within the different workflows across the various specialty teams that plan, build and deliver software at scale.

First it was RTC. Now it’s Jira. The truth is, you can’t migrate all the specialist stages of enterprise software into one tool. Plugging too much workflow into Jira (or any one system) will undo its productivity benefits and undermine the effectiveness your end-to-end software delivery value stream.

This white paper:

  • Deconstructs the ‘One Tool Fallacy’
  • Explores the rise and benefits of Jira
  • Explains why a best of breed tool approach is vital to support all stages in the software delivery process
  • Explains how integrating Jira with all other tools optimizes the value of each tool
  • Expounds the powers of a modular infrastructure for innovation in a digital world

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