If Agile and DevOps defined the past two decades in software delivery, value stream management (VSM) will surely define this one. At the turn of this century, you would find little information on Agile or jobs calling for expertise in that area. Ten years ago, the same was true for DevOps. Today, a similar situation exists if you search for VSM.

While many careers have been built around Agile and DevOps over the past 20 years, it has not been enough to help enterprises truly compete in the increasingly digital world. VSM is fundamentally different because it looks holistically from ideation to delivery and will make good the promises that Agile and DevOps have not been able to fulfill at scale. VSM encourages a powerful change in thinking, tooling and job roles to help steer your continuous improvement journey.

White Paper Contents:
  • Why VSM is the natural next step in scaling Agile & DevOps
  • Why VSM needs its own form of measurement - Flow Metrics
  • The need to address the cultural side of implementing continuous improvement
  • Why your tooling pipeline is your most important product
  • Architecting the value stream for end-to-end flow
  • How to close the disconnect between IT and the business
  • The importance of focusing on protecting business value as well as creating
  • The new VSM roles supporting your VSM journey
  • Simple steps to begin your VSM journey today

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