"Based on an average IT practitioner team of 1500, organizations can save up to $10 million in a year in manual overhead through integration.1"

1. Based on Tasktop's calculations

With no one tool used to plan, build and deliver software at scale, organizations are looking to toolchain integration to connect their tools together and flow information between critical systems in real-time to accelerate the process.

Yet despite the well-documented benefits and criticality of integration, it still presents big challenges for enterprises looking to scale operations. Quite simply, point-to-point integration between two tools or more cannot handle the size and complexity of work that enterprises are undertaking. Enter model-based integration.

This white paper explains:

  • The importance and benefits of toolchain integration
  • Why point-to-point mapping struggles to scale
  • What model-based integration is
  • How model-based integration works
  • Why models are superior to point-to-point mapping and templates
  • First steps to implement an integration strategy

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